Our philosophy :

Committed to the philosophy of “KIDS”, we focus on creating a caring and cheerful learning environment that is child-centred.

K for Kindness

Kindness and love of God are always our priority. We believe that growing in faith, hope and love, which are the core values of Christianity, children’s hearts will be full and complete.

I for Intelligence

Self-exploration and independent thinking are crucial for children’s intellectual growth. With our well-designed activities of Multiple Intelligences, their potential will be fulfilled.

D for Discovery

Students are encouraged to express themselves and broader their knowledge on their own initiative. Children’s horizons will be expanded beyond the four walls of a classroom through connecting what they have learnt in the classroom with their daily life.

S for Smile

Childhood is supposed to be full of joy. With this in mind, we are committed to building a happy, positive, and creative learning environment for each and every one of our students, so that they can grow with a smile on their faces.