Multiple intelligences activity day

Dr Howard Gardner from Harvard University first proposed the theory of multiple intelligences. He pointed out that the brain is the centre of different types of intelligences and talents. As a result, we all have different potentials and gifts. Gardner believed that there are eight major intelligences (and thus multiple intelligences), including “visual-spiral”, “linguistic-verbal”, “interpersonal”, “intrapersonal”, “logical-mathematical”, “musical”, “bodily-kinaesthetic” and “naturalistic”.

As a kindergarten, we expect our students’ potentials to be nurtured from a young age. Therefore, we dedicate  Wednesdays to “Multiple Intelligence Activity Days”. The Activities include “Lion Dance Drums Classes”, “Joyful Dance Classes”, “Mindful Chess Classes”, “Creative Arts Classes”, “Music and Movement, and singing Techniques Classes”, “Super Chef Cooking Classes”, “Fancy Rope Skipping Classes”,and “3D-Handicrafts Classes”. The Multiple Intelligences Programme is officially included in our syllabus under “Creative Programme”, in the hope that every student benefits from this programme. Nine creative programmes are designed by a mix of externally-hired professionals as well as our own teachers (who have also been professionally trained). We are committed to discovering and nurturing the talents of our students and will update our activities and grouping according to the interest of our students.