Kwun Tong Methodist Kindergarten
Kwun Tong Methodist

Life Education

Life education is the combination of religion education, moral education and civic education, which helps students, parents and teachers to develop mutual respect and a harmonious relationship among themselves, others, the environment and the universe. Through Life Education, we try to guide them to appreciate life and respect life, and know that life is precious and should be cherished. Further, they will love learning, love their family and love their future career, and hence, live an abundant life.


Love from the bottom of Heart

Everyday before the start of lessons, the whole school will sing, dance and pray together during morning assembly or afternoon assembly. Children can learn how to care about other people and things through news sharing. At the same time, they can have a great start of school day with a joyful heart. In addition, children’s worships are held every month and they have a time of worship, prayer, and a message is shared to help teach the children Biblical truths.

Love your family, love your neighbor

Various activities are held to help spread the message of loving their family and caring about others. Through the worship of Harvest Thanksgiving, children not only can learn to thank God for everything they possess, but also learn to donate food to the Food Bank to give a helping hand to families in need in the community. As well, “Sharing Resources Campaign” is carried out to teach children to love other people and share willingly. To put into practice, children have the opportunity to join different community activities, such as, performance and community visiting.


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