Kwun Tong Methodist Kindergarten
Kwun Tong Methodist

Professional Support

Three-in-one combination

Kwun Tong Methodist Kindergarten, Kwun Tong Methodist Church and Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service cooperate with each other and form a three-in-one combination, in order to preach the gospel, educate children and provide social services to children and family.


All-round support
With the help from Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service, we provide holistic support to children with special educational needs (SEN) in order to help them through early detection and early intervention. Supporting programs includes professional assessment, early childhood development training, parents’ workshops, parent-child activities and homework guidance to graduates.


Interdisciplinary Professional Team
To support children and family with special needs, not only stationing school social work service is provided in our school, various therapy services, for example, music therapy, play therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, are also offered by an interdisciplinary professional team from Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service.